Today is a chance to breathe easier. 

No one likes to experience the pain of unresolved relationships. Are you thinking of someone who has hurt you, or maybe, you have hurt? Take the opportunity to reach out to them today and make it right. Whether that means an apology or letting them know that you forgive them, take a step towards releasing that pain. 

The emotional and physical pain you are experiencing needs to stop. Forgiveness (and, by extension, relieving stress in your life) not only can help reduce the chance of heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure, but it can also help to calm your soul. Stop losing sleep because of wounds that can start healing now with a simple phone call. Your relationships with others and standing before God are more important than holding onto the pains of the past.

Scripture tells us in Matthew 5:23-24 and Ephesians 4:31-32 to forgive and put away our anger. Let it go. Enjoy the same relationship with others God wants to experience with you (Mark 11:25-26).

Michael Sokolowski

President Alpha Genetics Inc