Yes, if you think this is a very hot summer with you and your herd boiling over you are not imagining thigs. This just might go down as the hottest summer on record, so instead of complaining do what successful herds have done for years. Add Immu-pro to your morning herd ration every day. Try this simple method to combat heat stress and keep cows healthy with lower SCC and good production and very good feed intake and milk production.

1) When over 80 degrees feed 0.75oz of Immu-pro to the lactating cows per day every morning.

2) When below 80 degrees and under 150 SCC feed 0.50oz of Immu-pro to all lactating cows every morning. All other stock 0.25oz per head per day. Also mix 0.25oz in each calf’s milk per day in the morning and four weeks before calving bump them up to 0.50oz. This works; try it!

P.S. Extra bonus to save many hours of weeding your gardens and flowers and bushes. Go to the hardware and grocery stores and ask for free cardboard boxes, flatten them out, and place them around your plants. Throw shovels full of dirt on them to keep them from blowing away. Keep about 6 inches square open area around each plant to allow rain and water in. This holds water in better in the soil too. After harvest: gather up the cardboard and burn or mulch by mowing it then spread hydrated lime in and dip rototill or plow. Hydrated lime helps get great plant production, you’ll see!

Mike Sokolowski