Have you noticed there have been very few people with flu this year? It appears people are getting more health awareness. Many are starting to drink more whole milk and taking probiotics and eating yogurts like Stoney Field which help the immune systems. More fruits and veggies even oranges, apples, kale, and broccoli getting onto tables and into lunchboxes.

Keep it up! People are trying to stay in shape more with fast walking and biking. That is Great! On dairy herds cows don’t seem to notice we are all in a so called “worldwide sponsored pandemic”. As many herds on Immu-pro, ID-1, and Stay Strong continue to drop on S.C.C. and show herd health and reproduction (conception and heats Stronger) and their net profits improving.

Call us on how your herd’s doing. No Immu-pro. ID-1 or Stay Strong? Just call for herd health improving profits. 1-920-650-1631.

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.