No, you want calm, healthy, highly productive profitable, long lived cows for sure! Ever notice cows taking just short drinks from their water receptacles or do they urinate for less than 20 seconds? Are your cow’s tails moving and swatting even when no insects are present?

Cows reluctant to come in the barn or milking parlor? Excessive amount of kicking off milkers? Conception consistently needing more than one service per cow? SCC over 100 and mastitis more than just “once in a while”. Milk production not what it should be?

You may have stray voltage. Contact: Brandt Groen phone number is 1-320-220-1342. He will find the profit robbing stray voltage causes and help get them resolved right away. (serving the entire U.S.A.) Schedule your herd stray voltage check visit or for group of an area dairy farms today! 1-320-220-1342.

Studies show nearly 80% of all farms have enough stray voltage to adversely affect milk production, cow health, with your profits.

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.