I know some people are going to get mad at me: Well one day you just might thank me. Ever lose your debit or credit card? On credit cards you are normally “covered” and your bank account is safe. If your debit card gets lost or stolen, if crooks use it you usually are not covered and get none of your money back and charges removed; this email clarkhoward.com if looked into can explain further about debit and credit cards.

Clark Howard is a well-known consumer advocate on the other hand called noncredit cards “a piece of trash debit card”. They are a “key” for crooks to clean out your bank account. Pay on line with a debit card and you can get attacked at your account. I’ve talked to people who have been hurt by debit cards. Cancel debit cards now. Call AMEX phone number 1-800-521-6121 has safe credit cards and pay you 1-5% cash back on all your purchases, try them!

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.