There are some words and situations we would want to forget. The Vietnam War, New York Twin Towers bombing, covid-19 and I am sure you have some personal ones too. Afghanistan is without a doubt is another “black eye” of humiliation of the 328.2 million people who call the United States home. Four U.S.A Presidents Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden all failed to finish off this Muslim terrorist thug tea pot.

These haters of innocent human beings rob rape and pull out the finger nails of women and girls. They also torture and burn people alive! So for about twenty years the U.S.A. pumped in billions of dollars into Afghanistan. The U.S.A. lost 2,311 brave military service people in this action and thousands lost one or more limbs and eyes mostly because our government did not support them with adequate “boots on the ground” troops. In fact while the U.S.A boasts of its “world’s greatest military” status so then why hasn’t the U.S.A. won an actual war since World War 2, 76 years ago 1945-2021 add to that, both president Trump and Biden tell the world and the Taliban when we will exit our troops.

Do you think we would have won world war 2 if we let the enemy know our troop moves? We back then would not quit till we finished the job and the enemy surrendered – example Germany and Japan. This is demoralizing to our Military. Who would want to join a group that is designed to lose? Our leaders in WW2 were brave. Now they are quitters and cowards. Are there some in U.S.A. government who want to run the U.S.A. over a tall cliff?

President Biden assured us in July 2021 that the U.S.A. trained the Afghani military with U.S.A. equipment and weapons that they would hold off the Taliban. Instead President Biden was dead wrong. Afghani troops ran away probably convinced the U.S.A. leaving so why fight? U.S.A. doesn’t win anymore very sorry for the Afghani people left behind . We need true strong U.S.A. patriot leaders now; where are they?

Mike Sokolowski

President Alpha Genetics Inc.