Is it time for a change in our political system? In the past we had the Wig and even the Federalist political parties. Now, today people check the political candidates for a letter by their name “D” for Democrat, “R” for Republican, “I” of course is for independent.

To be fair there are also some other parties like Green, Constitutional, and libertarian etc. then to further confuse you like following the “Easy” I.R.S. tax laws; many with in these parties are of different “Flavors”. You can’t just vote anymore with eyes closed straight ticket for one party and expect them to follow you views or the dictates of that political party. Some act like they are “political spies” planted tin the party to disrupt it.

Yes, political parties have done some good freeing the U.S.A. black slaves in 1860’s, yet today they create division even hatred between people, even breaking up friendships. In congress and the senate they often block progress so nothing gets done (so why did we elect them?) What if there were no political parties and every politician ran strictly on their own character? Wouldn’t that be refreshing!

Then they would have to “earn” your trust and your vote through their words which would have to be backed up by actions, not aiding under a brand name; it could work. Do we really need political parties which can really hide the truth? What say you? Let us know-thank you.

“When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice but when the wicked beareth rule the people mourn” Proverbs 29:2

Maybe you should be leading at local, state or national levels. You could do it! Positive influencers always needed?

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.