Why do some animals never seem to recover even when you invested great time, effort, and cost, and used all of the products that were recommended to you?

That is a big question and there is not enough room in this publication to discuss all of the possibilities; however, there are common mistakes & situations that can cause a lack of health & production in dairy herds.

1. Not using enough of the product. Sometimes, cows are given less than the recommended amounts of products with the mistaken thought that less product results in less financial loss. However, when less product is given, you may be undermining your own attempt to improve the health of your cows and calves.

2. Not using products for the recommended time span. Time is just as necessary for dairy health improvements as it is for human health improvements. For some dairymen who wanted to see “earth-shaking” results within 24 hours, forget how many cows/calves they lost using conventional treatments only, and expect our products to be “perfect” and perform miracles. Yet our products are not “magic pills” or “temporary fixes.” Dairymen using AlphaGenetics, Inc. Udder Program products overwhelmingly see results often in 12-36 hours. One customer recommended, “When you think it’s not working and you want to quit, don’t!” That could be said to many who give up too soon.

3. Treating problems too late in the game. The sooner you catch problems, the easier it is to fix them. A fireman must get to a house fire before it is burned down, for example. Know your dairy cows – don’t just wait for monthly testing to tell you there’s a problem when your instincts tell you there is one. A CMT kit or Mas-D-Tec can greatly help you find problem cows. Start treating at first sign of problems – don’t wait!

4. Environmental and equipment factors. There are other factors, such as high levels of feed toxins, stray voltage, and water problems (such as iron bacteria, E.coli, etc.) that will not only affect milk production and conception but also a cow’s ability to heal and recover. Milking systems also play a great part in recovery as well as the people milking the cows. Bedding, such as “green” sawdust can carry many harmful pathogens right to your cows! Hot, humid, and wet conditions also tend to suppress immune systems and slow the healing process. Please consider these situations to help you get the best results for your investment of time and resources.

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