U.S.A. dairy farmers love their cows and are extremely good at making large “oceans” of milk quickly. However, we are heading for a major “train wreck”. Farm milk prices unless all reduce the herd size now, could drop your farm milk price significantly even 25% or more.

There are 9.39 million cows across this great country U.S.A. That’s 62,000 cow faces more than October 2019. The problem is pull back by the government in freedom due to COVID-19. More schools are doing elearning at home and restaurants are told no indoor dinning (that’s not going to work in upper northern states.) If you believe many state’s response to COVID-19 is over the top and violates your constitutional bill of rights, we agree. Contact your state Representatives, Congressmen, and Senators (look in the phone book) also online at mypolition.com. Bottom line for you—today you need to start and keep at it!

1) Cull 10% of your milking herd now (this is “tough love” year around)

2) Then cull 2% every month. (why milk and keep cows 25% below herd average?)

3) This will help greatly cut your expenses and work load and stress and help improve your herd.

4) We encourage you to share this message with dairy farmers across via share or email, tweet, and etc.

5) The goal is reduce milk output and promote milk and dairy products to keep milk prices at  $20+ and up each year!!