Oregano essential oil (OEO), the active ingredient in Uddersol, has been shown in a compelling number of peer reviewed studies from the U.S., UK, Europe, Japan, and Canada to kill a wide range of micro-organisms. Even extraordinarily small amounts of OEO kill bacteria by damaging their cell wall. Resistance to OEO is not likely due to the 34 phenols comprising the essential oil. Bacteria, molds, yeasts, E. coli (in various forms), salmonella, aspergillus, and even the dreaded staphylococcus aureus – including MRSA forms – are susceptible to OEO. That’s what makes Uddersol so powerful and effective against your production “enemies”! Early in June, Reuters news service reported a “worrying” find in Europe: a new MRSA Superbug in cows and humans, largely due to the overuse of antibiotics.* MRSA is known to have killed even more people than HIV! You can reduce your worries knowing you have God’s natural antibiotic in your “arsenal”: pure oregano oil in Uddersol! Order your Uddersol today! Call us at 1-800-876-2500!