HOT! Transition time! Cold articles! November is always considered a month of change. Daylight savings time ends for many and if that the night stress is not enough in its self, then comes the weather. Summer was hot but don’t believe the global warming crowd just stick around for a cold winter for the record books! Now its forty to sixty days and mid twenty’s to thirty’s in the evenings in the northern states. This is hard on people but also dairy cattle. Keep your eyes alert for calf and cow respiratory changes in the nasal discharges are a key “flag” signal. Many use Fight Strong cow and calf capsules for stress during times like these. Many top dairy farmers also feed Immu-pro as a way to strengthen the immune systems in cattle of all ages to prevent lower milk production and health robbing problems also a benefit of turning them into premiums; call us today and let’s plan your success running into 2021.