Since a great deal of clinical mastitis (visible) and sub-clinical (SCC, invisible) is preventable, the following basic steps will help with all mastitis cases.

Most mastitis councils recommend not using any water to wash the udders as this can greatly spread mastitis.

1. Pre-dip all teats with a high-quality dip and leave teat dip on teats 30 seconds minimum. Many dairymen recommend these teat dips: 4 X LA-from Select Sires; Valiant-available from ABS Global. These premium teat dips need to be left on teats for only 15 seconds since they kill approximately 900 million germs in that short time. (Most conventional teat dips kill approximately 400 million germs in 30 seconds.) Premium dips are more expensive, yet you still get a “better horse” for less money. The old adage applies: “Quality doesn’t cost, it pays.”

2. Next, strip out four streams of milk from each teat into a strip cup to check for abnormalities. This also helps remove the most concentrated SCC milk from the udder, and helps the cow to milk out faster and give more milk.

3. Next, wipe teats with paper towel, or better, wash cloths or dish cloths. Important: Never use the same towel on two cows. If teats are still dirty, you can re-dip teats and wipe again. STEPS #2 & 3 CAN BE SWITCHED IF DESIRED.

4. Wait one minute, then apply milker.

5. When udder is milked out (do not over-milk!), remove milker.

6. Post-dip teat immediately with a highly recommended barrier dip:
*Udder Gold(R) 5 Star – at Select Sires and IBA
*Valiant– from ABS Global

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