Inside you and I, each one of your herd members, and in all creatures, there is continual war going on inside the intestines. No it was never declared by congress, it’s the God given immune system at war against germs, bacteria, and viruses.

If you’re not sick right now and the fact that most of your herd (if you have one) does not get mastitis or respiratory problems is not because you are so nice but rather because the immune systems are hard at work only 24-7-365 (they never take a day off if they did we would all have a mountain size problem, death).

Ever notice some people and cows are almost never get sick? They have super strong immune systems. These systems attack invaders in the blood and tissues leaving a sore to see as evidence. We can see the immune system trying to fight off the body invaders. Think of it as a ‘good army’ patrolling in the body. When the body is invaded they are called into action to fight and destroy the invaders.

Low quality feed and toxins in the feed and water will hamper the immune systems. Many use Immu-pro and Stay Strong to boost the herd’s immune systems and help stop the toxins from winning.

Call 920-560-1631 today when you call also ask what may are doing for the human immune systems. Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.