Fixing Udder Rot

Quick fix on nasty udder rot. Many apply 5cc hydrogen peroxide; wipe off after 1 minute and rub on 2X/day 10cc Uddersol 10 seconds, Great Results! Call 920-560-1631

Feed the Need

Feed the need! Monthly feed testing and ration balancing can help save dollars on purchased feeds. Many use Immu-Pro to unlock feed and cow milk and health and profit performance.  Start or move info. 1-920-650-1631.

Check Your Milking Systems

Herd tips: A. quick check of milking system every month can save you thousands of dollars. Ask milkier techs to overhaul your pulsators at schedule of manufacture. Also our cow capsules for stress before and at calving saves cows. Phone number 1-920-650-1931. Mike...

Less is More

Less is more. How? Aim for only 45-55 dry days dry per/cow also encourage start breeding many cows and heifers (unless milking extremely or injury etc.) 45-76 days after calving. Target a 12.1 month calving internal and you’ll have more pounds of milk per day...