Impact of Heat on Your Herd

Heat stress hitting your herd? Many have found for years just 0.75oz of Immu-Pro to lactating cows greatly helped cool their cows and maintain good feed intake, milk production, help prevent mastitis, and start rolling back SCC even when it is 80 degrees Fahrenheit...

COVID-19 Update

Yes the COVID-19 virus is a foe not to be ignored. We are all sorry for the about 16,000 people that have died. All storms cease and this too. In 1918 50 million died of the flu; in the last five days in china (the starting point) only one new case. A far greater...


Like me many have used Uddersol for years. We all like that it is antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial plus it’s a comforting skin moisturizer. 1-920-560-1631


Since Corona Virus has now canceled all major sports and events like N.C.A.A. men’s basketball tournament, N.B.A., N.H.L., M.L.B. and Golf and possibly horseshoes , lawn darts and basketball by the garaged. What will you do now? I encourage all married men to spend...

Feed the Need

Feed the need! Monthly feed testing and ration balancing can help save dollars on purchased feeds. Many use Immu-Pro to unlock feed and cow milk and health and profit performance.  Start or move info. 1-920-650-1631.