1) Should the former President Trump and current President Biden have publically announced that U.S.A military was leaving Afghanistan? A) Yes B) No C) Undecided.

2) How should the U.S.A. military have left Afghanistan the way they did? A) not until they had firmly destroyed and nullified the Taliban and the Afghanistan Military had proven they would protect the people left behind. B) Should the U.S.A. have never left without a well-armed and equipped U.S.A. military force. C) Should the U.S.A. have left as abruptly as they did.

3) Did the U.S.A. government do the right thing by leaving behind approximately $80 billion of military gear of planes, Blackhawk helicopter, trucks, all kinds of weapons and supplies to aid the enemy and the enemy is selling these on items on the internet all paid for by you and me and U.S.A. tax payers. A) yes, that is right. B) No that was treason to the U.S.A. citizens. C) U.S.A. should have either removed all U.S.A. military equipment or destroyed it.

4) President Biden should the U.S.A. impeach him for promising to remove all U.S.A. citizens from Afghanistan and leaving approximately 10% of them and giving the list of these names to the Taliban who probably kill them A) Yes B) No.

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Mike Sokolowski President of Alpha Genetics Inc.