Stray voltage experts say stray voltage, or “electrical pollution,” as some call it, is a major reason for lackluster production and poor herd health. Millions of dollars are lost each year to this nemesis.

Here are some of the warning signs:

1. Cows lapping up water with tongue instead of drinking.

2. Reluctance of cows to come into barn or milking parlor.

3. Frequent or recurring mastitis.

4. Very nervous cows and tail movement – even with no insects present.

5. Cows kicking much during milking.

6. Lower than normal milk production.

7. Low conception.

If you experience any of the above or just want to “turn the page” on the subject and be sure you don’t have it, please call one of the contacts below or another expert for unbiased help. Remember, they don’t work for your electric power company, they work for you to help solve any “electrical pollution” and other profit-robbing electrical problems you might have. Even 0.5 volts can negatively affect your herd. Stray Voltage Consulting, Jerry Lush (over 30 years experience) – 605-695-3328 or email: jlush@brookings.net Agrivolt – 866-574-1753 or 559-906-0661 or go online: www.agrivolt.com Stray Voltage Testing, Bill Roberts, 105 Sedgewick Park, New Hartford, NY 13413; 315-735-0952 or cell: 315-794-5324; email: svtest@adelphia.net online: www.strayvoltagetesting.com Distributors in IL and MD areas.