5 Steps to a lower Somatic Cell Count for your Dairy Herd

1. CMT Paddle or DHIA test all suspect cows – especially cows on 2nd lactation or older. If on DHIA testing, pull out all linear score 4 (or 500,000 SCC or higher) cows.

2. On all cows that strongly gel (or 500,000 SCC or 4 linear), discard milk or use for animal feed. This will help drop SCC immediately.

3. Individually (or in TMR) give these high cows 1 oz. Dairy VitaPak every morning until SCC drops. It may elevate at first and drop rapidly as infections are flushed out.

4. After 3 days, retest high cows with CMT Paddle (or take SCC samples to the dairy), and retest again every 2 days. When clear, put milk back into tank.

5. A large number of dairymen also rely on ID-1 with Uddersol. Call us with your specific dairy herd health problems and we’ll do our best to help you make more high-quality, profitable milk. Call today! 1-800-876-2500