AG web herd health tips: Many are using “Lycogen” as a part of a Staph A prevention program with Immu-Pro. They start with calves at six weeks then every six months some give to all the milking herd also.

To help raise farm prices, Please cull 5% of your cows now and then 2% per month as of 09-24-2020 9.36 million dairy cows in the U.S.A. up 42,000 over 09-2019! In Debt? Don’t feel alone, many of us are today. It is nearly impossible to start farming debt free. I remember being nearly one million dollars in debt.

It did look depressing like a tall mountain in our way. What did I do? I asked God to help me to keep my health to provide and keep things lasting  from breaking down that He would get the glory. The twenty year loan I  got paid off in one and a half years (that carried the bulk of the loans) Then within two and one half years all the remaining loans all from relatives were paid in full. I also have given of my paychecks a large portion each time to God as I have done since 1983. The Impossible work is not hard for God, and I trust God to give to God. With God all things become possible.

Try giving to Him and see; you can do it! (I have no rich uncles by the way) with the Lord nothing shall be impossible.

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.