If you just think about it, your future milking herd is all coming from calves. They are important! We encourage you to give them the best care you can.

1) Winter is very harsh on calves due to lower temperatures, and most nutritionists recommend an increase of 10-20% in milk and feed.

2) Calf “coats” are a great way to improve calf comfort, health and growth. Most bull studs & vet supplies offer them.

3) The best “milk” is still your whole milk. It is the easiest to digest and best for the calf. God put whole milk in the udder, not a powder, for the calf. A Penn State study proved calves fed whole milk produce over 2,000 lbs more milk in their first lactation than do those fed milk replacers. The milk is already paid for and you know where it came from!

4) If concerned about diseases (esp. Johne’s) being transmitted from cow to calf in milk, consider getting a calf milk pasteurizer, like UVPure’s Ultraviolet purifier: 1-877-WS-DAIRY or www.geafarmtechnologies.com

5) If whole milk is not an option, get the highest quality milk replacer over 20% protein and fat.

6) At birth, give ID-1 to each calf as a quick boost to the immune system.

7) Mix ¼ oz Dairy Vita Pak in each calf’s milk once per day to help increase growth and health.

8) After weaning, keep on ¼ oz DVP to help turn them into more productive future cows!

9) Dip navels at birth with iodine. Provide clean bedding, fresh water, feed, & ventilation.

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