“I love what I do,” said Keith recently as we discussed his herd. Having been on the Udder Program since July, 2010, his 100% Registered Jerseys have become a joy instead of just a chore. When he started the Program, high SCC wasn’t his real problem. “We pride ourselves on our udders. Our biggest hurdle was our first calf heifers. We were losing udders, and getting on the Dairy Vita Pak helped us overcome the hurdle.” Keith has done more than overcome! Here’s just a few of his Jersey’s accomplishments:

  • Won the “Super Milk Award” for 19 years
  • For 4 years, has been in the top 10 out of 250 herds
  • Fat components consistently over 5% (has been 6.8% & 6.6%)
  • SCC below 45,000 since August, 2011 – his current SCC 38,000!
  • 35-40,000 pounds milk per month with approximately 60 cows
  • 2 yearling heifers producing 60 pounds of milk
  • A phenomenal type average of 88 points, with 87 & 86 point yearlings

Keith’s secret? It’s no secret: “You take care of your animals, and they’ll take care of you.” Many folks buy cheap hay and feed, and then complain about poor health and performance. AlphaGenetics, Inc.’s all-natural products cost more than some others, but as Keith sees it, “it seems like too much money, but what’s a case of mastitis cost? This stuff works! I don’t understand why it’s not flying off the shelf!” Because he knows it works, he’s referred many friends to the Program and has earned referral credits for it. Even though Keith lets his Jerseys graze extensively from spring to fall, he still uses the Dairy Vita Pak year-round. Many dairy feeds have minerals, but don’t have vitamins. “All our calves are healthier due to DVP, and there’s no swelling in the cow’s udders, either.” He continues, “Cows are calving with no ketosis, milk fever, or mastitis.” If a cow goes off feed, he increases the “powder” to help her get back. He also likes to use the Uddersol with Synergy Essence™ to help break up hardness in the udders. “The key to Uddersol is to hit (the mastitis) right away – don’t wait.” Keith advises, “An ounce of prevention is worth 3 pounds of cure.” We tend to agree – naturally! Keith Campbell… another successful Udder Program user!