You need to read this – it may startle you!

How often do you check on your vehicle while driving? Current speed, number of miles traveled, and fuel supply and then refocus on what vehicles, weather and road conditions, and obstructions (like fallen trees or even deer) are ahead. Likewise, the dairy industry needs to refocus. More is not always better and quality is far more important than quantity.

1) We in dairy production are really in the food industry. The reason is because it is not about merely milking, feeding, caring for and breeding cows. It is all about producing food. In this case, the “food” is milk that is being produced overwhelmingly for people to enjoy as food! Also there is meat, primarily hamburger. About 50% of all hamburger comes from dairy cows.

2) The “real” problem is not too much milk being produced which supposedly tips the supply demand “balance scale.” The ultimate “problem” is not enough of what we will call “elite quality” milk (under SCC 100 w/ 3.8%F, & 3.1%P or higher with low bacteria counts) being made at farms daily. Breed for low SCC and higher F & P %. Stay on or get on the Udder Program and stay free of harmful antibiotic residue which can cost 5-figure penalties!

3) Another practical strategy is every dairyman voluntarily cull 5% of their cows now and 1% per month thereafter. Cull those cows treated up to 3 months that still have frequent mastitis and over SCC 300. With cull cows currently bringing $.70-.90 per pound, what are you waiting for?

4) Use cull cow money to pay off more debt or get newer milking systems, ventilation, calf milk pasturizers, etc.

5) Get on or stay on the Udder Program and re-double your efforts near or below 100 SCC. It can be done! Receive a $.60-$2.00/cow extra income over the approximately $.13/cow/day. Get on the Udder Program and start watching it improve conception and help lower SCC and reduce mastitis. Call today for strategies to make the Program work for more herd profits for you. See for yourself why dairymen everywhere rave about the Udder Program and stay on it.