Check your Inventory or….

Thank you customers everywhere and all people Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Since It’s almost the end of the year, we want to keep it simple. It’s never fun to run out of anything you need. Ever run out of gas while driving? I have! Many years ago I was arriving back from milking a really good herd of Guernsey show cows. A very kind older farmer and his wife could get on vacation to Las Vegas.

I met Augie while showing our Holsteins . We won with ours and he did with his. Quaker Oats only once had an outstanding Guernsey herd, and Augie owned some of those, and they were some tall big framed cows as I recall. Augie wanted to go on vacation with his wife. On one very cold snowy winter day Augie called and asked me to milk and care for his cows for one week knowing I could be trusted, and he liked me and I Him as a Grandpa a good farmer. I agreed! I then asked a friend Darwin to help me with Augie’s chores, anyway Augie had told us “Fill your car’s gas tank with my gas when under half full.

One day my big rustic copper colored Pontiac was almost out of gas. Darwin said “Mike you better fill up your gas tank here.” I thought the level of gas in the tank was O.K. I can make it back to our farm, Big Mistake! A few minutes later I was walking up to a house along the way to borrow a gas can. Then I walked in the snow and cold to the nearest gas station then back to pour the can of gas in my thirsty car then return the gas can with my frozen feet and hands later driving home thankful for gas and a warm car.

What is the Point?  Always check your inventories in the farm and the home Frequently! Watch feed, hay, fuels; propane, bedding, milking supplies, cleaners, Immu-pro, ID-1, Uddersol, Stay Strong, Fight Strong Cow + Calf capsules for stress, and heifer Plus etc. How about milk, cheese, and ice cream just asking! Allow for delays from winter storms, great demands and government regulations on illnesses could bring some delays; just deep that in mind.

Don’t run Out! Call ahead two weeks before running out. Call us on scheduling all needed shipments 1-920-560-1631. You can leave a message 24/7/365. By the way, call and order by 12-30-2020 and save 4.9% over new U.P.S. rates. Augie would have been glad to see you taking  the herd in watching over and stocking you tanks and inventories.

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.