Stay Strong


A Feed Improver for Ruminant Livestock

Use Rum-A-Fresh Plus™ to improve feed palatability, rumen function, and gut health in your dairy herd!


Use Stay Strong™ to improve protect the health and performance of dairy cows from modern production stress with this next-generation feed additive. Promote immunity, protect feed quality, and release more energy from feed for an outstanding return on investment.

PROMOTES a Strong and Healthy Gut – unique combination of oregano essential oil, natural feed flavors, soluble cobalt carbonate, and other essential oils

ENCOURAGES Feed Intake – helps level peaks and dips in intake, keeps feed fresh and appealing even during times of stress

ENHANCES Feed Products – stabilizes and enhances the natural grain flavor and aroma of dairy feeds – more nutritionally balanced

INHIBITS Mold and Bacteria – oregano essential oil is a well-known anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent and contributes to freshness and feed stability. When added to TMR, mold and yeast counts are typically reduced by at least 80%!

SAFE – No Withdrawal


  • Lactating cow rations at all times
  • Dry cow rations to encourage normal healthy balance of gut microflora
  • Calf rations to encourage dry feed intake and development of a healthy gut


  • Feed 1 ounce per head per day
  • Additionally, Stay Strong can be included at a rate of 4 pounds per ton of finished feed for stage one starter calves (pre-weaning) and 2 pounds per ton of finished feed for stage two calves.
  • Give us a call for specific recommendations for your herd!


Hydrated Calcium Aluminosilicate, Hydrated Sodium Aluminosilicate, Calcium Carbonate, Diatomaceous Earth (flow agent), Origanum Essential Oil, Dried Seaweed Meal (Fucaceae, Banglaceae, Ulvaceae), Roughage Products, Garlic, Chicory Root, Red Pepper, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Sodium Saccharide, Fenugreek Flavor Extract, Anise Essential Oil, Cloves.