Power Pak Plus – 130 Capules


130 Capsules

Power Pak Plus™ Capsules stimulate rumen function and enhance the appetite of stressed cows. Whether stressed by calving, breeding, treatment, hot weather, or other health challenges, these capsules help cows get back on (or stay on) feed.

Use 2 capsules per cow 2-8 days before AND 2 capsules the day of a stress event.


Power-Pak Plus™ Capsules are nutritional supplements which contain high levels of key nutrients to support immune and hormone response at critical times.*

Suggested Uses for Power-Pak Plus™ Capsules

Pre-breeding: Many customers report great results by using 2 capsules per cow 5-7 days before breeding.
Pre-calving: Many customers report the use of 2 capsules per cow 5-7 days before calving.
Post-calving: Many customers report the use of 2 capsules post-calving.
Stress Events: Many people who have tried this product tell us that the use of 2 capsules with ID-1 and Uddersol works well on cows. Call us to find out more ways to effectively use these products!

Many of our customers find that by using 2 Power-Pak Plus™ Capsules before and after calving helps with the following*:

  • Enhances cow’s ability to withstand stress
  • Helps strengthen the cow’s immune system
  • Speeds the healing process

Power-Pak PlusTM Capsules Contain:

+ Cobalt: to help get cows on feed quicker & stimulate rumen activity

+ Yeast: to support enhanced fiber digestion

+ Probiotics (direct-fed microbials): to support healthy rumen function

+ Enzymes: to enhance fiber digestion

+ B-vitamins: to enhance appetite during stress “events”

+ Chelated trace minerals & amino acids: to enhance immune function

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