Heifer Plus


10 Vials Per Pack

Heifer Plus is a new sperm sexing agent used to increase the percentage of heifer calves in dairy and beef cattle.

Semen sexing technology that works . . .

  • 20-25% MORE HEIFERS
  • 70% – 80% HEIFER CALVES


Simple to use, it has everything needed for sexing a single straw of frozen bull sperm at the time of insemination. Packaged in kit form, each dose is sealed in a vial and stored refrigerated to maintain potency during storage. The agent is activated by adding semen directly to the Heifer Plus vial. The sexed semen is returned to the original straw and inseminated as usual.

Heifer Plus works by enhancing the fertility of the X-chromosome bearing (female) sperm. When inseminated, the sperm are sorted in the reproductive tract of the dam. The result is more ova fertilized by the X-chromosome bearing (female) sperm. Many producers are reporting a 5-20% increase in conception rates!

NOTICE: This is not a restricted drug. Heifer Plus is a non-prescription bio-pharmaceutical agent. Federal law does not require that this product be used by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.


Freeze product upon arrival  for up to 1 Year.
Avoid sunlight. Reseal unused product in packet during storage.

NOTE: During incubation, keep vial attached to the straw. This will protect semen from exposure to air and water.



When breeding from a natural or synchronized heat:
Use frequent heat detection (4-12 times/day) when using this product. Inseminate according to AM-PM guidelines (12-14 hr. following first standing heat). NOTE: With less frequent detection (1-2 times/day), breed at 6-8 hr. following first heat.

When breeding using OVSYNCHR:
Breed 16-20 hr. after the last GnRH injection. Not recommended with appointment breeding.

When breeding super-ovulated heifers and cows:
Inseminate at 12 hr. and 24 hr. following first standing heat using multiple dose insemination when needed. Not recommended for breeding at standing heat (0 hr.).


Directions for Use

1. Warm the vial to 95-98.6oF (35-37oC) using a water bath, tube warmer, or incubator for a few minutes (to prevent cold shock). Thaw semen as usual.

2. Remove from water bath. Dry. Cut straw to 60o bevel with sharp scissors.

3. Puncture seal with straw bevel and insert the cut end of the straw into the vial.

4. To add semen to the vial, grasp both the vial and straw in the palm of the hand and “shake” downward 3-4 times (similar to shaking a glass thermometer). Be certain all semen is in the vial.

5. Gently mix semen with contents of vial.

6. Transfer the enriched semen from the vial back into the straw. Do this by inverting the vial and straw, and “shaking” it downward 3-4 times. Be certain all semen is in the straw.

7. IMPORTANT! Incubate enriched semen at 95-98.6oF (35-37oC) for 15-20 minutes.

8. Remove straw from water bath. Dry. Cut bevel from straw. Load straw into insemination gun. Inseminate as usual.