Are GMO seeds better than non-GMO? We are a dairy health and genetic company ran by Biblical principles and owned by God (Ps. 24:1) and this business was dedicated to Him in 1985. Consider that crops make feed and feed effects cow’s performance. We have noticed a growing number of customers telling us that while their herd performance was good, it was plateauing and not leaping ahead like it used to. Nearly all of these we noted were on genetically-modified seed crops. GMO hybrids do have some advantages: such as insect resistance, drought resistance, and higher crop yield. Yet, a number of our customers started planting (non-GMO) non-genetically modified seed. The results were startling. They found with non-GMO seed a higher test weight per bushel, more protein %, and their cows made more milk and experienced some improvement in pregnancy rates. You do not have to be an organic certified farmer – anyone can use non-GMO seeds. The problem is not many seed companies offer non-GMO seeds. However, we found one company that still sells non-GMO seeds: DeDell Seeds – a family-owned and operated company. They can be reached at 519-473-6175 or www.responsibletechnology.org. The crops you feed will work very well with the Udder Program and can greatly improve your results and profits. We encourage you to check out your seed options now. Maybe it’s time for a change.