Over the years many factors have affected consumer milk demands. Advertising, bad medical reports, competing beverages even celebrities going nondairy. This in turn with export demands, restaurants, school’s milk sales and over all “milk pool” supply effects the prices farmers eventually see.

Since the buyers don’t believe the milk check off program is helping much, but it is a law. Roe vs Wade also we don’t believe is right either to kill an unborn child. We can all certainly work to abolish unjust laws. One thing we all can do is offer milk and string cheese to that U.P.S. driver or postal person. Give your vet a pound of cheese for Christmas. Share an ice cream bar with the semen and A.I. techs and other support pros who help make your herd’s engine keep running. Buy milk and butter and cheese and ice cream every week and give some away. We all can do it! Let’s start now.