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What We Believe

When you call AlphaGenetics, Inc., we do our best to make sure you get your questions answered and your problems solved. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to serve you by providing the best products and expertise to meet the needs of all dairy farmers both big and small.

We desire that God receives the glory in everything we do since He is the source of life itself. We desire to be instruments who reflect His glory to all those we serve. Since each person and herd is unique, we desire to listen and give you straightforward help to your unique needs.

Our core values

We honor and respect all, regardless of age, race, belief, etc. Biblical values are paramount to us and we treat others friendly, promptly, and professionally. AGI focuses on each customer’s production and environmental needs. We support agriculture, the family unit as God created it, education and our youth – the next generation of dairy professionals.


Our President And Dairy Expert

  • Michael Sokolowski
    Michael Sokolowski President

    Michael Sokolowski is the President and Founder of AlphaGenetics, Inc., and lives near Whitewater, Wisconsin. He has been intricately involved in the dairy business for over 40 years, and has dedicated his business to improving dairy herd health and assisting dairymen in becoming as successful as they can be.

    If you have any questions regarding dairy herd health or selective dairy genetics, Mr. Sokolowski is an authority on the matter. His understanding of herd health needs and commitment to personal attention and commitment to excellence for your greatest success is what sets Alpha Genetics’s Udder Program apart from all others.

Our History

Alpha Genetics, Inc. was started in 1973 as a genetic improvement company. The purpose was to give dairyman access to the best genetics available regardless of their location. Bull studs were much more regional during that era. As a result of Alpha Genetics’ hard work, many breeders were able to produce nationally and internationally famous dairy cattle including leading dairy sires and show winners. Because of Alpha Genetics, Inc.’s semen distribution endeavors today, AG provides SCS somatic cell semen to USA and Canadian dairymen.

In 1974, it was realized by Alpha Genetics, Inc. leadership that genetics and nutrition health must go together to achieve maximum performance. Non-antibiotic herd health products were added at this point with great success. The adage that “good, lifelong health starts before birth” has been proven true at Alpha Genetics, Inc. for over 40 years. Many national leading cows for milk and fat plus All-Americans have been on AGI’s Udder Program which is a complete line of no-withholding products designed to tackle and prevent the complex problems dairymen face daily.

The primary emphasis is on building up immune systems to prevent problems of the udder, reproductive, metabolic, and digestive systems. Every age of bovines from calves to cows and every dairy breed can benefit from the Udder Program. Predominantly dairymen on the Udder Program report that their herd SCC dropped 50% or more in less than four weeks, calves also stop their digestive upsets and grow faster and cows now stay healthy, breed back easily and stay in herd producing more milk in their lifetimes. With all of the increasing penalties for antibiotic residue, Alpha Genetics’ unique Udder Program makes dairymen dollars and sense. A typical payback is $1-2 more profit per cow per day over the cost of the Program. Call today and put this unique Program to work for your herd. 1-800-876-2500

Alpha Genetics is Your Dairy Resource

Helping Dairy Farms of All Sizes

Personalized service and products.

  • Committed to your long-term success
  • Regardless of size or location
  • Proven effective products
  • Best advice, price and service
  • No withholding milk or meat ever!

Call: (800) 876-2500

#1 reason cows leave herd

Failure to Breed Back.

  • Enhances heat cycles & reduces cystic ovaries
  • Reduces mastitis & somantic cell count (SCC)
  • Increases conception rates
  • Enhances feed intake
  • Improves immune systems
  • Approximately 12 cents per cow per day
  • Essential health product for every dairy herd
  • A 10-15-1 return on investment (ROI)

Let Us Serve Your Dairy Needs

“For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:”

1 Corinthians 15: 3-4


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