Many herds are now facing a maximum SCC amount of 400,000 cells per mL in raw cow’s milk due to a recent draft of the European Health Certification Program released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service. After March 31, 2012, all shipments of dairy products requiring an E.U. health certificate must comply with the updated certification program and must be accompanied by an updated Certificate of Conformance. All farms will be given three months to establish an “SCC 3-month mean” that is used to determine compliance for exporting your milk to the E.U. Obviously, this has impacted even “nominal” herds that hover around the 400 mark. We have received many calls recently from dairy herds for that very reason, and are pleased to note that our customers have been very successful in not only lowering their SCC level, but also improving the overall health of their cows with our natural, time-tested dairy health products. Some have mentioned to us that it takes a few months to really see all of the health benefits of our products, and many who have been on the Udder Program for at least 6 months are receiving milk premiums that offset the costs of our products! Let us help you with your herd for the long term… naturally. Call today to get on the winning program: 1-800-876-2500! For more information and details on the new program, see