A Free boost for heard health + profits! What is it? Kindness, gentleness, patience, and a cheerful attitude. Try this on cows and other stock also on people who likes to be yelled at or hit; keep in mind people and cattle will respond to you much to the kind or harsh way you treat them. Show kindness in handling cattle also be kind to employees. Keep office refrigerator  stocked with chocolate and white whole milk also string cheese. Encourage and praise your employees and show them how to be kind to people and cattle. Then every creature and people on your farm wins. Immu-pro and Fight Strong cow and calf capsules for stress and Stay Strong greatly help take the stress off cows and other valuable stock. See our web store. Be kind to others by telling them about this website and store today. If you need any advice or have any problems with your herd call 1-920-560-1631 to order or give needed information to help your herd.

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.