Uddersol is a natural cure for this nagging problem. 1) Apply approximately 10cc Uddersol to affected areas AM & PM until healed – normally, 2 weeks. 2) At dry off and just before and after calving, check complete “floor” (bottom) of udder. Also check sides of udder, particularly up high on sides of udder where it could be rubbing against hind legs, causing skin to wear away and the udder rot organism to invade and start a smelly, pus-type infection. Your nose can help you find udder rot as it does give off a very bad odor. 3) Clipping udder hair with a cow clipper or using an “udder flamer” can greatly help reduce udder rot by allowing air to dry off any moisture on udder (i.e., manure, mud, etc.) which can lead to udder rot. 4) Keep cows as clean, dry, and comfortable as possible. This greatly helps eliminate udder rot. 5) Get Uddersol – it works! To order this extremely versatile “herd management tool,” just call us! 1-800-876-2500 or 920-650-1631. Find out other uses for this powerful, easy-to-use, nowithhold, extremely versatile, powerful product!