You might have more than you think. In the old days, it was “if it can pour out of a glass, drink it.” Today, it might be a little cloudy or have an odor, or form an oil film when left standing a few minutes. What is the answer? Get your water checked at least once a year. Checking for contaminants such as coliform, e.coli, iron bacteria, salmonella, and others can greatly improve your herd’s health, milk production, reproduction, and most importantly SCC. For example, bad water can “tie up” and hinder nutrient absorption in cows – and it affects your health also. We encourage you to call a water conditioning professional like Hellenbrand, Culligan, or another in your area today and schedule a water sample test. Another choice is the “Silver Bullet” water treatment system at 303-552-2382 or www.silverbulletcorp.com. With the amount of chemicals being applied to many fields today, it is in your best interest to check water every year. Avoid chlorine well flushes if possible. Ask about UV (ultraviolet bulb w/ wiper blade) purifiers for well caps. Some are even solar-powered – and no chemicals needed. Also a reverse osmosis unit can greatly help water absorption in the body. Besides water testing, another important test is checking for stray voltage or electric pollution also at least once annually. Just 1/10 volts can negatively impact your cow’s milk production as well as people’s physical, emotional, and mental health, and even the ability for women to conceive and carry a pregnancy full-term have noted to be effected by stray voltage. Just a thought: think how many women you have heard of having still births and miscarriages in the last twenty years? The numbers seem rather high, don’t they? Try contacting: Agrivolt at 866-574-1753, Jerry Lush at 605-695-3328, or Stray Voltage Testing, LLC at 315-794-5324. We encourage you schedule your water and voltage testing today.