We need to all to be humble, kind and give and receive timely advise can even save our lives. A P.A. dairy farmer recently called and reordered Immu-pro, His SCC now 100 and getting $0.50/CWT SCC premiums said his neighbor complaining about  SCC 400 and up; the neighbor is getting fined $1500/month penalties.  The 100 SCC herd owner can tell the 400 SCC troubled dairy farmer to try Immu-pro to get his SCC down and pleads with him to order some is being wise! He will pay about 18,000 SCC penalties; tell him about how Immu-pro can lower his SCC and make 18,000/year.  For Immu-pro call us 1-920-650-1631 or visit alphageneticsinc.com the web store.