Each year, thousands of calves die before weaning, costing millions in future milk income. Try the following plan to win! 1. At birth (immediately or as soon as possible) give calf 10cc ID-1 now and for the next 2 days. 2. Milk the cow as soon as possible. Colostrum milk ½ hour or less after birth has the richest nutrient and germ-fighter content. 3. Feed calf colostrum milk or colostrum substitute if concerned about Johne’s, etc. Give about 1½ -2 qts for Jerseys and smaller breeds; 2-3 qts for all other breeds. It helps to mix ½ oz Dairy Vita Pak in the milk, too. 4. Infuse navel cord with strong iodine solution. Wear gloves when doing this. 5. Ear tag or picture ID calf. 6. Let cow clean off calf for about ½ hour or more. 7. Move calf to a well-ventilated individual area. Calf hutches work well. Bed the calf well. 8. For 14 days, mix ½ oz Dairy Vita Pak in milk once per day, then reduce it to ¼ oz. until weaned. This time-tested program helps eliminate nearly all calf losses of full-term calves. It also helps promote greater growth, faster rate of weight gain, and earlier cud chewing (rumination). For any scouring calves, use our Revitalize™ Capsules. Call today for your supply of any of these calf and herd products. Stop the losses and start winning! Get on the winning program for your sake and your calves!