With Bull Calf prices in the $300.00 – 500.00 range, it doesn’t take long to get the $1000.00 or more for 3-4 bull calves. Cull cow prices are also fantastic. Most cows selling for beef bring .80 to $1.10 per lb. Several customers have gotten over $2000.00 for getting rid of a single cull cow. This is good business moving out problems and saving money on feed, etc. at the same time. Now maximize this bull calf and cull cow cash by using it to pay for the improved health of your herd with Immuno-Pro. You will get a 10-15 times ROI (return on investment) of your calf and cull cow dollars by helping the rest of the herd produce higher quality milk, premiums and get bred back with a higher pregnancy rate. Call 1-800-876-2500 today.