Schedule it now

Now is a great time to plan ahead to get important things done and avoid the usual rush. Some things you probably need to schedule not necessarily in order are:

1)  Meeting with person who does your taxes.

2)  Complete milking system check over now and every ninety days. (make sure pulsators are thoroughly serviced also)

3)  Feed and bedding testing for toxins and ration balancing with nutritionist now and every ninety days. You would be surprised the toxin levels in most feed, which can greatly contribute to high over two hundred SCC. Try also since milk is about 85%-90% water, it’s got to be pure as possible free of toxins and no foul orders or bad taste. Many years ago I took a drink from a farm hose. It was total yuk, the water smelled like “rotten eggs (that’s high sulfur).  Good thing for his cows he sold the fam and moved elsewhere. Your best choice is probably test your water with a water specialist like Collagen, Hillenbrand or other. One old vet once told me, balance your feed ration around your water (allowing for minerals in the water)

4)  Don’t forget schedule hoof trimming now and at least every ninety days. Stray voltage testing can’t do that at Walmart! Ask your local electrician plus even your power company will often do it free.

P.S. For a big boost where available put a few cups of snow near house plants.