The real secret to long term SCC success only two words , dry cows. We have said it for many years Immu-pro helps get herds of all sizes in locations significantly crush their herd SCC yet Immu-pro will have even greater impact and pull back the dark clouds of difficulty and help bring more “sunshine of success” if you will focus much on your most important cow group—dry non lactating cows. Sure you must give a lot of attention to just fresh cows and all their challenges. Yet don’t treat dry cows as they are refuges in a refugee camp. These dry cows in a few weeks will be your next big white wave of milk, Lord willing lot of high quality prove profitable milk. 1) Many of the best herds talk to their vets and us on dry cow’s udder therapy. 2) Teat sealants can greatly help. 3) A large number of herds on Immu-pro also feed it to all dry cows and bred heifers as great prevention of many health challenges. They feed 0.25oz of Immu-pro per head per day on all non-lactating stock and calves. If hand feeding this is (1) scoop per head . One month before calving they start 0.50 or two scoops per head. This has produced even greater results. Call 1-920-560-1631 order today or have any questions call; you will be glad you did.

Mike Sokolowski President Alpha Genetics Inc.