Why is DVP so vital to your success?

We will explain, but first, what is one of the biggest problems you face 24/7/365? In fact, it is going on right now every minute of every day. What is it? Profit-robbing germs, viruses, and bacteria and diseases are ever present in this world around and in your cattle. The result is cows and calves get sick. Every herd and living thing battles it. Where did this problem all start? In the beginning, God created a perfect earth, but man chose to rebel and sin against God, plunging the whole world into the sin curse of weeds, germs, bacteria, and pain and death. You can read the whole account in the Bible in Genesis, chapters 1-3. Check it out for yourself.

So where does Dairy Vita Pak (DVP) fit in your herd?

1. Be encouraged, every dairy animal has an immune system which fights off bacteria, germs, etc. DVP works in harmony with the natural immune systems of cows, calves, and heifers.

2. DVP helps strengthen the immune system, using the God-given “tools” to fight germs, helping “shielding” or fighting off like a military force if you will helping to prevent and clear up mastitis, SCC, reproductive issues, respiratory problems, dysentery (scours), hoof problems, etc.

3. No, it will not stop every last problem or prevent a cow from swallowing a small piece of glass or stepping on a sharp stone – it would be even greater if it did! Many herds on DVP for several months report how mastitis is almost non-existent. They also tell us they don’t want to stop feeding the DVP to their cows.

4. The bottom line: your cows and calves’ immune systems have to be fed daily and DVP will strengthen from the skin (the first line of defense) on in and as we often say, “put a suit of armor” around the cow so to speak. Also, it is there working in the blood, marrow, udders, and vital organs.

5. Cows on DVP after a few weeks one can see noticeably less mastitis and softer udders. Calves enjoy virtually no scour outbreaks and better appetites. Calves will tend also to show more vigor and will overall grow faster and turn into a ruminate (chewing cud) much quicker. Cows also show better heat cycles and conception due to the natural hormonal factors built into the DVP.

6. A low-cost way to improve your herd. Start the benefits! Call now! 1-800-876-2500.