One of the best management practices is liberal culling of non-profitable cows. This also includes persistent high SCC/ mastitis (300 SCC and up) cows, those with feet and leg, udder and even disposition problems, or cows fresh ten months and not pregnant. There are some exceptions to give a cow another chance, but why put up with a “problem cow” month after month and then raise a heifer out of her when cull (beef) prices are so high-approximately $.80-1.10/lb? We highly encourage with cull cow numbers down nationwide now is the time to cull the bottom 5-10% of your herd and keep at it year-round. This will also help boost your farm milk price and keep the quality up for all concerned, and will help improve your herd’s production, profit and confirmation especially in feet, legs and udders. Start and keep culling now and tell others also.