Yes the COVID-19 virus is a foe not to be ignored. We are all sorry for the about 16,000 people that have died. All storms cease and this too. In 1918 50 million died of the flu; in the last five days in china (the starting point) only one new case. A far greater threat is still affecting the U.S.A. 47 years. What is it? In U.S.A. the murder of aborting babies 3,000 per day, this totals about 63 million babies to date. Many of these aborted would be parents and taxpayers so social security wouldn’t crash. Thou shall not kill (the sixth commandment Exodus 20:13). How long will God continue to be merciful to the U.S.A. and the world as He has been? Today repent and ask God for His only payment for all sin, Jesus Christ’s cross death and resurrection from the dead in the tomb, won’t you?

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