Much media hype and fear and rightfully so on Corona Virus (CoVa19). However no matter the economic implications the inconveniences or the fear of death, something else is far more fearful.  After death standing on judgement day before Jesus Christ (God the Son and Judge) anyone not written in the book of life in heaven is cast into the lake of fire see (Revelation 21:8). Want eternal life? Today turn away from your sins and pray something like this: God you love me and I have sinned against you, I turn away from all my sins and thank you for sending Jesus Christ with his Blood to suffer and die on the cross covering all my sins with his blood and perfect righteousness and rose from the tomb three days later (on Easter) gain me eternal life.  Change my heart and help ;me to love and serve you and read Your Word daily, the Bible, and tell others about the only eternal Security-Jesus Christ. (see John 6:37).