As many of you (of course) know, a national (USA) limit of 400,000 SCC for Grade A milk was blocked earlier this year. Some milk producers and co-ops have already put that limit in place, and others have dropped the limit to even 250,000. So what’s up ahead? We believe that nearly all Grade A milk processing plants will take the 400,000 or less path within the next year or so. That limit will allow exports to the European Union and other countries, helping dairy farmers across the country. Watch for an increase in low SCC premiums & deductions for high SCC. This move should help the entire dairy industry, since quality milk sells! Low SCC cows produce more lifetime milk production – you can milk less cows and get more milk, cutting feed costs and increasing profits. Start (or keep) on the Udder Program to make the most of your valuable genetics, feed, labor, and investments. Call us at 1-800-876-2500 For SCC help & successful strategies