Some seem to think every dairyman is old, needs trifocals, and is ready to retire. Be encouraged. We are seeing an increasing larger number of younger dairymen ages 20-40 starting milking in the last few years. These young cow people are also doing a great job and are some of the hardestworking, focused, knowledgeable, most dedicated, optimistic younger people you’ll ever meet! Some are even first generation dairy farmers who just wanted to get out of the city and town life! So be encouraged. If you are an older dairyman even in your 60’s and 70’s and older and we have quite a few customers like that, you can help motivate and mentor these younger upstart people along. Also if you are a newer dairyman one of the best things you can do is get to know these “seasoned dairymen” and ask them questions and gain from their vast knowledge. Many have remarked how older dairymen have inspired and helped and kept them going to achieve their dreams and reach their goals. Younger dairymen, offer to take them to lunch or dinner and listen and learn. You will both gain knowledge, experience, and insight that (with all due respect) no University or college or tech school alone can provide, plus you will come away encouraged to press onward and face the future with confidence. Younger dairymen, remember when you get “seasoned” to do the same for the other upstart dairymen of tomorrow!