Fresh cows are like football players. Why? Because you must have a good pre-season if you want a top-notch winning regular season and any hope of a championship.

1. Pre-season for cows is their dry period. Make sure they get every opportunity to calve in and start off well.

2. Feed all cows (including dry cows) a well-balanced ration to meet their particular needs, but don’t get them too fat. Many problems (i.e., milk fever, ketosis, retained placenta, mastitis) can be linked to overweight cows.

3. Put all cows on the foundation of DVP. Help build immune systems and keep cows healthy and profitable.

4. Help the immune system. Many at 2-4 weeks before calving double the dose of DVP. Also, they give 2 Power Pak Plus Capsules 2-8 days before calving to shut down and further help assure no problems – including D.A.s (twisted stomachs). Plus, it helps higher milk production peak earlier and hold it longer.

5. Day of calving: if possible, right after calving many carry fresh cows all the lukewarm water (60-80F) they will drink. Also give her 2 more Power Pak Plus Capsules to help restore appetite and help with stress recovery.

6. Milk the cow out completely and feed the calf. Save the extra colostrum in gallon jugs and write the cow’s name on them and store in refrigerator. Over the next 4-6 days, shake well a colostrum jug and pour into a nipple bottle, warm it in a bucket of hot water, and then feed the calf. Do not use a microwave! Test individual cows for antibiotic residue before putting milk in bulk tank.

7. Plan to win with your fresh cows and pass this on to others!

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