1) Get cows bred back more timely. * On many cows, start breeding first heat after fresh 45 days – helps increase pounds of milk produced per day of cow life, which increases your profits over feed costs! * Watch closely twice every day for heat cycles for about 15 minutes each observation. * Schedule monthly or more often vet herd pregnancy and repro checks (very important – they will help you greatly!) Each repeat breeding costs you approximately $200 in total expenses. It adds up!

2) Cut dry cow days. Many now aim for 45-55 days. Some young cows and those pregnant with twins may need more. Try to never go over 65 days – cows can get too fat, leading to ketosis and milk fever, etc. Each dry day is a non-milking expense day. Also on the flip side of coin, going less than 45 days can damage her next lactation performance by not getting enough time to restore and prepare her.

3) Get on the Udder Program. For best results for all the above and more, call today for all the details. Start winning with more herd profits. Just call 1-800-876-2500 today.