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“We have fed Immu-Pro every day for years. The benefits for us are higher milk production, less SCC and mastitis, and greater heats and conception. The cow capsules help stop milk fever, ketosis and retained placentas, and ‘jump start’ the fresh cows. They really work.”

~Bob & Denise Behnke, Brooklyn, WI

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#1 reason cows leave herd

Failure to Breed Back.

  • Enhances heat cycles & reduces cystic ovaries
  • Reduces mastitis & somantic cell count (SCC)
  • Increases conception rates
  • Enhances feed intake
  • Improves immune systems
  • Approximately 12 cents per cow per day
  • Essential health product for every dairy herd
  • A 10-15-1 return on investment (ROI)

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Great Results

  • "We use Immu-PRO and have four new national production records on the Program. It obviously helps our success as we sell 3,000 embryos per year worldwide” SCC 55

    Tom Kestell Ever-Green-View Holsteins, Waldo, WI
  • “After 10 years, it’s still unbelievable: low SCC and high conception. Just try it!” SCC 85

    Steve White New Castle, IN
  • “Helps us – over 10 to 1 payback. Nearly $3 quality premiums for every 100 lbs milk.” SCC 74

    Rick Ellingson Iowa Farmer

Increase Milk Production

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Improve dairy herd health and increase fat & protein percentages.

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